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This page last updated:
8 November, 2006

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This page is the main page from which you can find resources for A Den of Inquiry.

Download Sample Pages

Errata. Send us more!

What's on the Instructor resource CD (IRCD)? Here is the Read-Me file.

About linearizing data.

Notes on Labs

Volume 1, no probes

Volume 2, mechanics with sensors

Equipment Notes

MyChron timer Our favorite stopwatches are the MyChron Student Timers. You can generally find them for about $60 for a set of 12. Why are they so great? Three buttons clearly labeled (lap, start/stop, on/reset); no alarm (so they never go off during class); and they turn themselves off, saving batteries.

One inexpensive vendor is Underwood Distributing.
Another (which has other really terrific stuff) is Educational Innovations. Search for "MyChron" on that page.

Come here for sample pages, student work, etc. We will add more as we get it ready.