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This page last updated:
25 June, 2014

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Labs in Volume 1

You can find information about specific labs from this page (it also serves as a table of contents for those wondering what's in the book).

Counting by Weight

Measuring Paragraphs

Cars on the Street

Rolling Down Ramps

On page 59, we talk briefly about the mechanics of a real sphere rolling down a track. A recent article treats this phenomenon in detail. Read: Niculescu, Adam. 2006. A Rolling Sphere Experiment. The Physics Teacher (44) p 157. (March 2006). AAPT.


The Hanging Slinky

We have posted a solution as promised. For ease of posting, it's in a blog. The blog is really intended for math folks, but you can handle that,right?

Normal Force

Sloppy Teeter Totter

Falling Balloons

This lab is conceptually very close to the Atwood's Machine. Here is a link to really interesting site about apparatus (http://physics.kenyon.edu/EarlyApparatus/) where you can find information on the original Atwood's machines, and even Rev George Atwood (1746–1807) himself! (click here)

Cooling Water

Water in the Microwave

Ohms Law, Constant Voltage


Slinky Standing Waves

Diffraction and Wavelength