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System requirements

Logger Pro 3.4.2 or Fathom 2.0, and whatever Mac or Windows system will run those programs.

This is the "readMe" file for this CD.

The link at the left takes you to an index page for a set of short QuickTime movies you can use to learn the basics of Fathom or Logger Pro. The movies cover roughly the content of the "Software Drivers Training" chapter.

The CD also includes:

The whole book in PDF format
Suppose you want to print one of the student pages as a handout and you don't feel like going to the copier. Open the pdf file and just print it out. Also, a small number of mistakes in the printed book have already been found—and fixed in the PDF.
Student Pages in RTF format
If you want to format the handouts yourself, you can use these files with Microsoft Word or with any other word-processing program that reads Rich Text Format (RTF).
Starter Files
Copy these files to your hard disk. These are files in Fathom and Logger Pro format that are already set up for students to start each lab. Logger Pro users are especially used to having these files available.
If you like, put the corresponding folder (or a shortcut to the folder) in the Logger Pro Experiments folder or in the Fathom Sample Documents folder.
Data-Only Files (in DOI Data and Done files)
Copy these files to your hard disk. The files with DATA in their names have reasonable data for each lab and the first scatter plot you're likely to make. You can use these in order to assign students to do the data analysis, even if they don't actually do the lab. Alternatively, students can use them to check that their data are reasonable.
"Done" Files (in DOI Data and Done files)
Copy these files to your hard disk. In the files with DONE in their names, the data analysis is more or less complete. You can use these to see what to expect if things are going well.

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You may copy this CD and its contents for instructional use, at no profit, provided that you own a legitimate copy of A Den of Inquiry, volume 1. For any other uses, contact us and ask about it.

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