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This page last updated:
25 January, 2007

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Fathom and Logger Pro

Logger Pro, from Vernier Software and Technologies, is designed to help you do modeling and data analysis, especially with data acquired from Vernier probes. Fathom, from Key Curriculum Press, is a more general-purpose data analysis, statistics, and simulation tool. Both are easy to use, and designed with high-school or introductory college courses in mind.

Why Use Logger Pro?

  • You may already own it and know how to use it.
  • It's best for getting data from Vernier probes.
  • It's a LOT cheaper. One copy is a site license, and you can let students have copies.

Why Use Fathom?

  • Your math department may already own it. Check with the AP Stat teacher.
  • It understands units and does units algebra.
  • Variable parameters are easier to use; this is great for modeling.
  • It supports a wider variety of data and graphs, for example, categorical data and unidimensional graphs such as histograms.

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